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      "It can not be for long," he muttered. "A man has his limits!"

      "Where was the master of the place?"

      Si and Shorty crawled into a cedar thicket, broke down some brush for a bed, laid a pole in two crotches, leaned some brush against it to make a par tial shelter, built a fire, and sat down.

      "Corporal Klegg," said the Lieutenant-Colonel sternly, "bring out that nigger from the wagon.""Pooh! He's just out of the egg," said the other with a scornful glance. "He's still got his pin feathers stickin' on him. Listen. Babe and I will take a room at the hotel and you come call on us, see? That bird couldn't follow you up, could he?"

      Just then another blast of canister hurtled across the field.


      "Good night, Corporal! By the way," said the Captain, retracing his steps, "I notice that you do not carry your gun just right. Let me show you how to handle it!"


      III. But our third question still remains,In what way, or by what means, is this great object to be attained? I am, of course, speaking of the human instruments, and not of the sovereign power of God the Holy Ghost, without whom nothing is strong, and nothing holy.


      And the Captain splashed off through the red mud to make somebody else still more miserable."You've got to march me out on board the yacht quick and give me up."