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      Mr. Klegg turned with a start, and instinctively put out his hand.

      Later, Pen came upon her father in the back kitchen, or dairy, evidently seeking to waylay her. He seemed not greatly affected by the scene in the dining-room, only for a hang-dog air, and a difficulty in meeting her glance. As a matter of fact Pen's tragic eyes intimidated him. For himself, he had been absorbed in trifles for so long that he could not feel anything very deeply.

      "Captain," he yelled again, "it's all a horrible mistake. I had nothin' to do with this man."

      "Is there anybody in sight?"

      Most of the men accompanied the skipper and his prisoner along the deck to the forward companionway. A steward or two was left hanging about the after deck, and a pretty, frightened stewardess, clutching a pink kimono about her.


      "Thanks." She returned to Pen. "Make it the Southland in half an hour."


      One day on the Atlanta campaign the regiment moved up in line to the top of a bald hill. As it rose above the crest it was saluted with a terrific volley, and saw that another crest across the narrow valley was occupied by at least a brigade of rebels.SHORTY FALLS A VICTIM TO HIS GAMBLING PROPENSITIES.