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      Canada. II me prit part; nous nous promenames assezDrawn by B. West Clinedinst

      enormous at this time, from causes which will soon appear.

      Dont be angry, whined the old man. It is growing late. Havent we walked far enough to-day?

      What especially stirred the governors dudgeon was the conduct of Bourdon, Villeray, and Auteuil, those faithful allies whom Laval had placed on the council, and who, as Mzy soon found, were wholly in the bishops interest. On the 13th of February he sent his friend Angoville, major of the fort, to Laval, with a written declaration to the effect that he had ordered them to absent themselves from the council, because, having been appointed on the persuasion of the aforesaid Bishop of Petr?a, who knew them to be wholly his creatures, they wish to make themselves masters in the aforesaid council, and have acted in divers ways against the interests of the king and the public for the promotion of personal and private ends, and have formed and fomented cabals, contrary to their duty and their oath of fidelity to his aforesaid Majesty. * He further declares that advantage had been taken of the facility of his disposition and his ignorance of the country to surprise him into assenting to their nomination; and he asks the bishop to acquiesce in their expulsion, and join him in calling an assembly of the people to choose others in their place. Laval refused; on which Mzy caused his declaration to be placarded about Quebec and proclaimed by sound of drum. text of the Relation is incorrect.

      Though a stranger, he said, you have fulfilled my dearest wish and restored order to my household. May the gods bless you for it! To my dying day I shall remember this time as a happy hour. But tell me, my son, is there nothing you desire, nothing I can do for you?301 We know what you want to say! shouted a second.

      1627. *** Papiers dArgenson.



      * ?uvres de Louis XIV., II. 283.As among the Spartan virtues of the Hurons that of thieving was especially conspicuous, it was necessary that one or more of the Fathers should remain on guard at the house all day. The rest went forth on their missionary labors, baptizing and instructing, as we have seen. To each priest who could speak Huron [3] was assigned a certain number of houses,in some instances, as many as forty; and as these often had five or six fires, with two families to each, his spiritual flock was as numerous as it was intractable. It was his care to see that none of the number died without baptism, and by every means in his power to commend the doctrines of his faith to the acceptance of those in health.


      * Raudot, who was intendant early in the eighteenth[53] The above traits of the scenery of the Wisconsin are taken from personal observation of the river during midsummer.