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      While Myrtale was putting on her silver-wrought sandals, a black and white goat, with trailing tether, came running towards her. She glanced at the wet, rough-coated animal, then at her light dress and, drawing back, clapped her hands violently to frighten the creature away. But the goat did not understand. It merely stopped in its run and approached slowly, holding its head very high, evidently supposing the movement of her hands a challenge to play. With the mischievousness natural to this animal it suddenly made a259 couple of short, frolicsome leaps, lowered its head and sharp horns, and darted towards the young girl.

      [6] Abrg de la Vie du P. No?l Chabanel. MS.

      Pierre Chastellain.

      "Misses! Mom-a say'"--he pressed into her grasp something made of broadcloth, very red and golden--"here yo' husband's cap."Who has done this? asked Lamon.

      For some time neither spoke.Is that Myrtale? How pretty she has grown.


      Mohawks 500 300


      But not too rich to have this gift please him.[4] Brbeuf, Relation des Hurons, 1636, 76.


      We have said that this group of tribes was relatively very populous; yet it is more than doubtful whether all of them united, had union been possible, could have mustered eight thousand fighting men. To speak further of them is needless, for they were not within the scope of the Jesuit labors. The heresy of heresies had planted itself among them; and it was for the apostle Eliot, not the Jesuit, to essay their conversion. [3]