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      But there are so many beautiful women, she said. I have seen scores of them in the ball-rooms, great lady friends of yours. There is Lady Ada Lancing, for instance.Now, he said, I will go and find out what vessel leaves for Melbourne; you must go down to my mother and explain that I cant come back till to-morrow. You will find her better; but still too ill to hear the truth of this business. Tell her anything you like, but not the truth, please.

      [123]Esmeralda laughed.

      De squir'l he love' de hick'ry tree,

      Not of him, however, did Flora and her grandmother softly converse in Spanish amid the surrounding babel of English and French. Their theme was our battery drill of some ten days before, a subject urged upon Flora by the mosquito-like probings of Madame's musically whined queries. Better to be bled of almost any information by the antique little dame than to have her light on it some other way, as she had an amazing knack of doing. Her acted part of things Flora kept untold; but grandma's spirit of divination could unfailingly supply that, and her pencilled brows, stiff as they were, could tell the narrator she had done so.Yes; and that I find Im only their Esmeralda, after all. Tell them to ask no questions, but to go on as if I had never been away.


      Anna straightened, flashed, and then dropped again as she asked, "Is that all you know?"Two days afterward she received a letter. It was from Lady Lilias, asking her and Lady Wyndover to go and stay at Belfayre. It was a short note, but a very friendly one, and Esmeralda took it to Lady Wyndover.




      Lady Wyndover was almost beside herself with delight; and something in her overwhelming satisfaction jarred upon Esmeralda, who was very quiet in her new-found happiness.