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      Esmeralda laughed.The boy whirled up with the old woman clinging. A stream of oaths and curses appallingly original poured from him, not as through the lips alone but from his very eyes and nostrils. That the girl was first of all a fool and damned was but a trivial part of the cry--of the explosion of his whole year's mistaken or half-mistaken inferences and smothered indignation. With equal flatness and blindness he accused her of rejoicing in the death of Kincaid: the noblest captain (he ramped on) that ever led a battery; kindest friend that ever ruled a camp; gayest, hottest, daringest fighter of Shiloh's field; fiercest for man's purity that ever loved the touch of women's fingers; sternest that ever wept on the field of death with the dying in his arms; and the scornfullest of promotion that ever was cheated of it at headquarters.

      It is ridiculous, she said. But as she said it the color rose to her face. The jacket was warm. It almost seemed as if it were a part of himself. She glanced shyly at him as he stood beside her, sheltering her as much as possible.This is a strange coincidence, he said, as the two men left the house.

      "Oh, Connie"--a slight flush came as the seated girl smilingly drew her sister's hands down to her bosom--"there isn't any one exception, and there's not going to be any. Now, that smile is downright mean of you!"

      I spoke the truth, said Trafford. When she left England and me she fled to Three Star with a man who had stolen her from me.

      After breakfast he proposed a ride, and they started. The mare was a little lame from a badly nailed shoe, and Carter brought round a young Irish horse.

      I am very sorry, he said in a low voice; and the trite, commonplace words seemed altogether inadequate.


      "No, sir," tearfully put in Constance, "we've given our men, we can't sell our beasts."


      Yes, I do, murmured Lilias. We will go with him, Norman. We will spend our honey-moon at Three Star.


      She, too, looked pale, and her lips were drawn tightly.