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      Esmeralda looked straight before her; she, too, had seen[198] the inscription. When they drove up the terrace they were aware of a mob which had gathered to welcome them. The servants were ranged in double file, the duke, and Lilias, and Lord Selvaine were standing under the famous peristyle.The doctor looked at the distorted face and wild eyes, and setting down the bottle he had in his hand, took up another and poured out a draught.

      Trafford assented mutely.

      But Esmeralda stared and declined.Norman Druce has just come back, and Lord Trafford wanted to introduce him to Esmeralda, she said. But she had met him before.

      She was all in a little flutter of excitement, and the blood mantled in her powdered cheek, making the artistically applied rouge almost unnecessary, as she watched Esmeralda going through the last stages of her toilet under Barkers experienced hands.

      They reached Grosvenor Square, and he took his leave. Once more he pressed Esmeraldas hand, and once again the color rose to her face. She stood at the door, and watched him drive away, then she followed Lady Wyndover to her boudoir.


      It was a very clever whim, said Lilias, with a laugh. You outshone them all. I shouldnt be surprised if plain muslin frocks became the fashionable evening wear next season. What a relief it was to the glitter and the glare! She looked at the slight figure admiringly. You look such a girl to-night! she said.


      It is a lie! sprung from Lady Wyndovers lips; and she went white with passionate indignation. It is a foolish lie! She loved you, and only you, I tell you! I have heard her Oh, what is the use! Do you think a woman does not know whom another woman loves? The girl was like my ownhad no secrets from me.


      I dont dance very often, he said. And I am glad to stand here, if you will allow me. Like you, I enjoy being a spectator.They went down to the great drawing-room. Lilias, Trafford, and Selvaine were already there. Trafford came forward, and said a few words to Esmeralda.